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Sambos update - 23 Oct 2023

Hi Everyone,

I was all set to have my right knee replaced. I was sent for a stress test at the Wesley Hospital. During the test it was discovered my heart was good, but the arteries were not. After the stress test the doctor said, “what are you doing here?” I told him that I had an appointment and he answered “No, you should be dead. You won’t last six months unless we fix your arteries.” That was on Tuesday 10 October 2023. He wouldn’t let me drive and I had to arrange for my daughter to pick up my car from the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

That same day I was admitted to the Wesley Coronary Ward. I had an E.C.G., angiogram, prods, pokes, needles, drips, you name it, they did it to me. They found my heart was good. To use their terminology “the engine was good, but the fuel lines were stuffed (bloody sumpies only worry about the donk.) I was scheduled for surgery on Saturday 14 October at 7:00 a.m. (Dr. Chris Cole, surgeon, was my life saver along with Dr. Andrew Rainbird, cardiologist.

Then more fun began with x- rays, scan, drips and recovery. It appears the operation was successful (sorry about that). After more tests and physio etc. I was allowed to come home on Friday 20 October.

I am recovering slowly. I have had three layers of stitching. The sorest part I have is my sternum. They have wired it back together. A vein was taken from my right leg from my groin to below my knee to use to replace the worn-out arteries. I asked what causes artery breakdown cholesterol, and the cardiologist described it as an electricity wire left in the sun becoming brittle and frayed. Can’t lift anything for six weeks.

Please be aware of early warning signs. Pains that are persistent in upper body, chest, and arms. I had a burning pain in my chest which I thought was indigestion.

I kept taking more Nexium and Mylanta but to no avail. I have had the biggest lottery win of my life. No money but I am alive. I can take calls, although only short calls, on 0408 872 736.

Let phone ring if you only let it ring three times, I won’t have time to answer We have a lot to look forward to with our new website and more good news to come. 


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