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We had approx. 30 marching on ANZAC day 2024.  We had visitors from interstate that helped with our numbers. The visitors attended Frank Robinson’s service the next day.   9 Sqn only had ten marching.  I did not see 2 Sqn at the march.  I think we should all combine and march as RAAF Vietnam.  Our Banners can be carried in the march by the ANZAC day Committee or perhaps we could make a banner with RAAF Vietnam listing all the units that served in Vietnam.  I think this needs to be discussed.  It would be good if we can arrange a meeting of all the units that served in Vietnam to see if we can do this.

The Stock Exchange hotel was ok, although a bit noisy. I believe they had 1000 people attend on ANZAC Day. I was unaware of the surcharge of 2.5% for the meal they sold.


A big thank you to Katrina and Andrea because they sold the Raffle tickets and the Wallaby Medallions.

Thanks K M SMITH for their continued support and their sponsorship.  Also, thanks to Lauren and Jennie.

I need to apologize to Mark Seery C/O 35Sn he came to talk to me, and I was called away.  My apologies, Mark.  It is important to maintain our relationship with 35sqn as they are our future.

I still enjoy doing what I am doing but we need a new person from 35Sqn to take the association into the future.  It has been great meeting and talking to all of you and hearing the stories we have shared.

Phil & Gary Hogan

Thanks to you gentlemen.  I think we were spoilt at the Jade Buddha.  It was a great venue for our ANZAC Day function.

ANZAC Day March

Thanks to the two young ladies who carried our banner.  Our regular banner carriers (some of our 35Sqn members) were wounded in action.  Trevor’s right hand was worn out from too much use in his younger days and Bill DeBoer found a bitumen blanket and decided to embrace it.  I believe they are recovering.

 “Suggy’s Men”

 I have ordered another 100 books.  We have sold 400 copies so far. Chas Van Hulsentop’s book is complete. “History of 35 Sqn” is now ready to print.  We will purchase 100 copies from Chas. "Suggy’s Men” will cost a bit more.  It will sell for $50.00 which includes postage $40.00 to collect. The Wallaby Medallions have saved us from what we lost from “Suggy’s Men.”  I still have stock if you wish to purchase any $25.00 posted $20.00 to collect.


It is 60 years since the Caribou went to Vietnam.

We might try to organize a visit to 35 Sqn to celebrate.  I have contacted 35 Sqn to see if we may be able to organize an event.


Tyro EFTPOS Payment Update Machine

We have updated our machine as we can no longer use 3G technology.  It was extremely useful on ANZAC Day.

 1 June 2024 at 3 p.m. Transcontinental Hotel George Street Brisbane Caribou get together.  I will be attending.


Headstone Plaque

I have had a sample made up.  If anyone is interested, they could be done as a wall plaque as well.  Included is a sample with Len Scrase on them.  You can contact the supplier direct if you are interested.

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