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Update Dec 2023

Enter Pin Presentation

The presentation was held at Amberley on the 13/12/2023.  Several members attended and presented pins to those who graduated.   It was a gathering of the eagles.  Brad Clarke, our first C/O since we were reformed in 2013, former C/O Scott Egan, current C/O David Torrington, Incoming C/O Mark Seery.   It would have been quite a while since we have had four C/O in one room.  It was great to see.


It seems I have the Midas touch with reunions.   Every time I try to organize one anything that can go wrong does.  I do believe we need to try to get together asap.  So, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know i.e. best venue and date etc.

Health Update

We have lost a few of our members in the last year.  Deepest condolences to all who have lost a loved one.  Rob O’Brien has been to hell and back.   He has been in hospital for at least 10 weeks.  He is still staying positive and will take phone calls.  If you ring him the phone number is 0418 531 984.

Len Scrase is not travelling too well.  Doctors have advised him to settle his affairs as his illness is terminal.  Kevin Johnson from S.A has dementia and is in full time care.  He is unable to take calls and cannot communicate with his family.

I am recovering well.  I have purchased an electric trike.  I am too unstable to ride a two-wheeler.  I have had my share of scares on the trike.  I am getting used to it and I try to do 40 to 60 minutes a day on the trike.  

Wallaby Coins

They are still available.  I have ordered 250.  We have sold 130.  There are plenty left but if we need to order more we can do so.

Saga of “Suggy’s Men”

It is now on Kindle.  We may get some international purchasers.

Website Facebook

It is still a bit of a mess but hopefully we will get it sorted in the New Year.  We are also working on a new payment system.

Thanks to K.M. Smith for their continued support.

All the best to everyone for the New Year.  Stay safe and healthy and most of all, stay upright.



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